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Steal Shield
Coupler lock

  • Steal Shield lock is unlike any other...  The complete coupler goes inside the steal can  type look with a steal bar going Thur can and behind the couple latch... This prevents latch to open...
  • Coupler is protected if you should drive into it...
  • Men Women and children can easily lock Steal Shield to any trailer...
  • Steal Shield is a patent locking device.
  • Steal Shield works with 1 7/8", 2" and  2 5/16 ball... Straight tongue modelis only one available
  • I stock only the straight tongue model ss-202 Includes lock and mount .
  • It will work only on straight tongue trailers.
  • The bottom is cut back some for the Steal Shield to slip further down coupler...
  • $59.95 ~ ss-202 (Normal retail was $74.95) Save $15.00
  • $16.00 ~ shipping
  • $75.95
  • Steal Shield Combo. {Lock, mount & save $7.95} Straight tongue...

  • Photo above is what you will get with bracket. Similar to photo below.
  • Dimensions
  • 9 inches long
  • 5 1/2 inches inside diameter
  • 16 gauge steel
  • 1/8- inch thick
  • Cylinder lock with possible 10,000 combinations
  • Below photo shows bracket to secure. {This is a different model.}

should work with following trailers.
  • Boating
  • ATV
  • Water Craft
  • Utility
  • Small Campers
  • Small Enclosed
  • Snowmobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Some small dump
Over 95% of all trailer thefts are parked and packet thefts... That means, not only do they steal a trailer, usually a boat is on it... Or it could be snow mobiles... Or a enclosed trailer with motorcycles in it or loaded up with tools... Or how about that 5 to 7 thousand {plus} dollars, dump trailer contractors use...  Or ATV and Water-Craft trailers...

Why protect these trailers with a 10 to 20 dollar lock which is easy to get into  with a bolt cutters or just a good hammer,  when a Steal Shield gives you total coupler protection ...

Sure these locks cost a small amount more... But isn't your investment worth it?  My Walmart lock didn't help my trailer from being stolen...

After the theft of a trailer, now comes the real night mare... Are you covered??? I'm guessing most companies will beat you up on that..

A manufacture of trailers, which I sell for, just lost a 30' aluminum trailer which was park next to their manufacture site, and they got nothing... They now have a fence around property... With a Steal Shield lock I'm also guessing the trailer would be there yet... Fence is only a 10 second inconveince if they want that trailer...

A empty trailer is a high theft item... They scrape vin number off and sell as home made... Or, have you seen the scrap metal prices lately? Especially aluminum...Snowmobile and bike trailers get cut up...



If you order Steal Shield and if it will not work on your trailer, the cost of return shipping is on customer plus 10% restock fee.

Note: I will call if I feel there is any question and I have had none returned thus far.

  • Other models was available for all trailers.
  • I am the only dealer left with Steal Shields with model above. 
  • Someone will be manufactureing all models of Steal Shields before years end.

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