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Trailers for Wheel Chairs
Limited Supplies






Wheelchair Trailers.... 8 Models that work...

LIMITED SUPPLY... The following trailers when supplies are gone will no longer be available to put a wheel chair into...

They are Aerodyn, Wind Raider and both the Sport Tote and Trail Pro...

  • The following trailers listed below will work with a wheelchair that folds up...
  • The dimensions of the wheelchair I have is 31 x 31 x 12 deep with the handles its 37"
  • The trailers below is listed with the wheelchair and the most available storage space with the most space listed first... Trailers are listed on right side buttons... Match up for specifications and prices...
  • Anyone of the following trailers will work... Depends on your style preference and budget...
  • The first five trailers below are, Time Out's Cyclemate trailers and the Aerodyne is Time Out cargo trailer... See links on right for all
  1. Zephyr by Time Out in black or white... Photo right...
  2. CM-2000 LTD has room for couple overnight bags...
  3. CM-2000 very little storage left over
  4. Cm-1000 almost no storage room left
  5. Wind Raider storage left over... Same as #2
  6. Aerodyne. has front storage space, twice that of #2
  7. Sport Tote and Trail Pro should also work. I did not try yet..

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The trailer above is the Zephyr Cyclemate by Time Out...

This trailer is the Time Out CM-2000-LTD



Cyclemate CM-2000 by Time Out

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Cyclemate CM-1000 by Time Out


Cyclemate Wind raider by Time Out



Time Out Aerodyn...

Note. Time Out Campers has a hard top with low profile and wheel chair can be strapped to the top...

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Trailer Prices on Home Page and Prices and Options Page 4th menu button on right side. 


All trailers on this page each is on their own page.

 Sport Tote or Trail Pro... 

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Photo on right and bottom photo are trailers where customers cut the lid for dog to be with them.

Hole was big enough for head and neck has room but not big enough for dog to jump out.


I cut a white Aerodyn lid and customer fabricated a nice winshild in frontof dog. He than fabricated a Vinyle cover when dog stayed home and he used for a cargo trailer.


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