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Cooler Rack Combination
Plus Hitch Insert for Bike


  • Cooler Rack.
  • Cooler, 25 Quart.
  • Cooler Cover.
  • 4 Bungie Cords
This is a unique new product which can be used either on the tongue
of your trailer or on the hitch of your vehicle (without the trailer).

 NOTE: Need Optional Hitch Insert and Hitch Pin to use alone on the Bike...

Cooler Rack Combination

Items are available separately or as the entire combination for
$219.00 (savings of $39.00) 
Cooler Rack - $69
Cooler - $55
Cooler Cover - $89
Bungie Cords - $2 each
Optional: IS NOT part of the above combination.
Hitch Insert - $29
Hitch Pins - $6 each...
Trailer prices and options 3rd menu button down on right...

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