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Video Camper Set UP
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 Video's ~ Camper Storage & Set Up


  • The beginning of the video, camper being pulled by a motorcycle and camper set up with Keith explaining the inside... He made the first Time Out Camper back in 1974
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2rO4EX36MH0 
  • Fast forward, if you wish, to 4:15 for the beginning of the set-up of Time Out Camper by Blake, the son-in-law who owns Time Out Trailers. In 10 year his son or son in law will take Time Out Trailers to the next generation. A family business.

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  • Campers in all video's are the Time Out Camper what I call "the Big One" with 16 cubic feet of storage space... The Deluxe sets up the same way but the sides are higher which gives this trailer 22 cubic feet of storage area... Bed with is 4" wider for a queen size air mattress included...


This video below was made by Time Out Trailers back in 1994...

Both the Time Out Camper "the Big One" and the Deluxe set up the same way with the Deluxe having more storage area because of higher sides...For information, call Karen or Fred and we will help you with any questions you may have...CALL 888-458-3390 or 845-339-3390 for information or to order.

  • Keith was the designer or the camper back in 1974 who is the spokes person in beginning of Video...
  • The setting up of this trailer is Blake, the son in law who took the company over back some 12 years ago and has now taken motorcycle trailers to the next level, with 21 models listed on right side menu...


Above is the Time Out Camper being set up - Click image to enlarge  

Easy Camp set-up is very similar with the exception of the bed area only folding out once and other half is inside... All three has queen size bed area... All three set up in 3 minutes which I can do... Realistically 4 minutes average 1 person...  ... Under 3 minutes with 2 people................. ... With two people can easily be set up in under three minutes...

Prices and options on 3rd button down on right.

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  • I no longer have my 888 toll free number. Everyone uses their cell phone today.

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