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Diamond Back Trailers  
1 Left in Stock
Please Note:
  • I was just enfomed that Diamond Back trailers are being made again later in 2017and by the same company that made these a couple years back.
  • Update 4-27-2019: I have given up on this trailer... Been lied to past 7 years. The only way, if they start making them again, is to pay by a charge card. Your guarantee you will not lose your money...
  • Other companies I have dealt with in the past is Drop-Tail Trailers, Kendon and Rocket trailers. Same suggestion as above... Totally unreliable past few years. However, each of the 4 trailers above has always been excellently made, great value and never had a issue or complaints about the trailers.  
  • As of this date, I will no longer be selling trailers you put motorcycles onto. 04-27-2019

I have one left in stock for pick up sale only... Will not ship... 07-27-2017 ... Also have one Monorail trailer see link below. 

  • Upgrade to 13" Chrome Wheels.
  • Aluminum fenders.
  • $1895.00 at pick up includes 12" wheel upgrades to 13". Chrome wheels, shipping and crate. Save apx. $500.00
  • New old stock. Comes with certificate of origin and bill of sale.
I do not have any wheel chocks available, nor can I get one.


<> Diamond Back Trailer... Will now be back in business so I have ben told by e-mail

<> Easy 1 Man Load 

<> This was my #1 Seller For Hauling Motorcycles...

READ ...

  • The single Diamond Back trailer with aluminum fenders have 31 1/4'' clearance...
  • No spacers are available any longer to widen the aluminum fenders...
  • Tire center rail to top of Aluminum fender is 14 1/2"...
  • Front to back where fender is vertical at light is 70"...

Click on each link below for description and Sale Price...

Single Diamond Back
Store-away Trailer
Monorail - Diamond Back


Diamond Back Trailers or Radd Industries his business name is NO Longer in business...

  • Earlier in 2017 he, (Rad Industries) assured me he was starting trailer business back up. Once again he is missing. No web site, don't respond to last known e-mail I have and no available phone.
  • Once the two trailers I have are sold I will be taking down this page off my site.
  • Please don't waste my time with any questions pertaining to his sorry business. Or if I have any wheel chocks.
  • Again, I only have 2 different trailers at my business, stated above, for pick up only.
  • Should you want one sent, you the customer arrange for pick-up. Shipping pre-paid, Should I have to crate it up will be a $200.00 packing fee. If you arrange a shipping company that places on trailer that don't require crate, than no charge and I will assist in loading if needed.
  1. Below is models that were once available
Model of Trailer Cost
Diamond Back Single with Alum Fenders 12" White Spoke Wheels    ?
Diamond Back Single with Alum Fenders 12" White Wheels and Wheel Chock    ?
Diamond Back Single with 13" Chrome Wheels. One Left, Pick-up only    ?
Diamond Back Single, 13" Chrome Wheels & Wheel Chock    ?
Diamond Back Double Trailer with 13" Chrome Wheels    ?
Diamond Back Double, 13" Chrome Wheels & 2 Wheel Chocks    ?    ****
Store-A-Way Trailer - One left for pick-up only...    ?
Monorail Trailer    ?

NOTE: Chrome Wheels 13" {ST175/80 R13 Tubeless Radial 6-ply}...

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Diamond Back

  • Was my # 1 Best selling motorcycle carry trailers, was always in stock... 
  • Comes with 12" white which is standard...
  • 13" chrome is optional at $175.00, in place of white...
  • Spare is 12" white optional to fit carrier...
  • This trailer is the easiest bike trailer to load the heaviest motorcycle on by yourself...
  2. Wheel chock,  none available. 
  3. SPECIFICATION AND PRICES BELOW... Prices are current...
  4. We drop ship other trailers any where, since 1982...    

 "Diamond Back"  Specifications, Single Low Profile

  • Exterior ~~ 1/8" aluminum diamond plate with super bright 3003 finish...
  • Structural Components ~~ 2" x 2" re-enforced carbon steel construction...
  • Axle Type ~~ Dexter torsion flex with a 1500 lb capacity...
  • Tire Size ~~175 x 80 x 13" [12" no longer available]
  • Trailer Weight ~~ 350 pounds
  • Carry Capacity ~~ 1200 pounds...
  • Overall Width ~~ {Outside fender to outside fender} ~ 52"
  • Overall width with extensions ~~ 55" Added for touring motorcycles between fenders.
  • Bed Width ~~ 32"
  • Length of Bed ~~ 103"
  • Channel Length ~~ 95 1/2"
  • Channel Width and Depth ~~ 5" wide {bottom} 8 1/2" {top} 2" deep...
  • Coupler Size ~~ 2 inch adjustable
  • Tilt Bed Design / Type ~~ 14 degree angle
  • Hitch Height ~~ 16"
  • Deck Height ~~ 12 1/2"
  • Clearance to ground from bottom of trailer channel ~~ 10 1/2"
  • Wheels ~~ Come with white 12"... Chrome is optional, see below...
  • Fenders ~~ All aluminum as of 4-1-06 for cruiser or smaller bikes or
  • Fenders ~~ Black plastic fenders for wide touring motorcycles 
  • Tail Lights ~~ Surface lights with side marker on Aluminum fenders, round recess on plastic 
  • Note: Trailer now comes 80% complete see note below...



  1. Trailer in stock has 13" upgrade  I would recommend the 12" white wheel for a spare which is only a little smaller than the 13"... Your cars donut spare is a lot smaller in comparison... This will get you anywhere until you get the 13" wheel fixed... 13" spare mounted under neath will not allow the trailer to lower properly...
  2. Fenders for Diamond Back... Aluminum
  •  $1995.00 -- Single Diamond back Trailer
  •  $`305.00 -- Shipping was to me or you when ordered
  •  $``40.00 -- Crate Fee
  • $2400.00 -- Retail... Sale Price $1895.00 save $500.00
  • As pictured in top left photo with chrome wheels....
  • New York Residence only, add appropriate sales tax..

We Accept; Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, Cash... NO Money Orders, Bank Checks, Travelers Checks or I will accept with a 1 month wait before shipping... Sorry, to much fraud...  Fred Burger....    

  • One each left for pick-up only.
  • 1- Single Diamond Back.
  • 1- Monorail

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  • Updated; 07-27-2017 
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